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Rain didn’t stop play

Saturday we opened the garden in support of the National Gardens Scheme.


The day had a promising start with bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky but the humidity heralded the torrential rain and thunder storm that was to hit mid-afternoon.


5070d7f8-de42-48de-8e08-f0e1fafb81e5Some came armed with umbrellas and rain coats and some with nothing but a positive attitude and much laughter as they resigned themselves to getting absolutely soaked through!

Huge thanks to The Pot Place for loaning five ’emergency’ hanging baskets. We had ordered some self watering ‘cup and saucer’ ones which have an inbuilt reservoir and only require watering twice a week,  but they didn’t arrive and the courtyard wouldn’t have looked as good without the lovely flowers.

Thanks go to Phil’s Mum  who helped with last minute weeding, tidying and ticket sales and his Dad who counted legs, divided by two and kept the visitors entertained in the garden.

cd2f57da-8d0f-4451-88cb-76ce86d20bbcThanks also to our lovely friends who paid to come in although they have seen the garden many times before.

We turned the summerhouse into a pop-up gallery to display some of Phil’s work.


And we get to do it all again for NGS on Sunday 11th June 12-5pm … hope to see you then!


Tomato Source

We have been planting tomatoes in the greenhouse this Bank Holiday weekend. Rio Grande is a beef tomato and Roma an Italian Plum, both of these were gifts from our friends so we gave them some Red Brussel Sprout plants in return.



I fancied growing some tumblers in a hanging basket, so we went to The Pot Place and came home with Sun Baby, a yellow cherry type and Red Robin, another tumbler. We also bought a bush variety called Gardener’s Delight, which was featured in an episode of Gardener’s World. We will let you know which we like best !

Red Robin and Sun Baby tumblers

Red Robin and Sun Baby tumblers

Growing panes

Our greenhouse is just about finished, all but for some small bits to do such as the rain water collection kit and door lock but the staging is in and so are my seed trays. We had a few hairy moments Monday when the weather changed and it became hot and muggy. There was a lot of bee activity and changes in weather can make them a bit agitated. However they didn’t fly through the greenhouse when there was no glass, instead they diverted over it which is just what we’d wanted and they calmly went about their business although we were very close to their hive. It makes a great viewing room and we could see their pollen baskets were full when they settled on the glass.

Elite Titan greenhouse in Graphite finish

Elite Titan greenhouse in Graphite finish

It’s taken longer to erect than expected but this has been because diagrams and instructions were not always explicit, but we got there in the end. We’re pleased with the structure, it’s well made and looks good. Two of our friends were so impressed they have ordered one each.


The Pot Place gave us a good discount on some lovely ceramic pots as commission !


New Greyhouse

Our new greenhouse has arrived From The Pot Place. It’s 4 weeks early so the ground work isn’t quite ready to start construction. The manufacturer is Elite and they are based in Bolton, Lancashire. They did offer to build for a fee of £300 but we declined and are doing it ourselves.  The model is the Titan and is super strong to withstand wind and snow and it has tempered safety glass so the dogs will be safe if they run into it and so will I if a stray bee sets me flapping about. These are a great quality product, manufactured to order to accommodate non-standard sizes and are finished in powder coat of whatever colour you choose from the range; ours is roughly 6’x10′ in graphite grey colour which will blend in nicely against the gable of the Annexe.

Our first task is to make sense of the assembly instructions. We have cleared space at the rear of The Buzz Shelter to build it in sections which we can then move to the final location near the beehive. This was deliberate as it will prevent the dogs going near the hive and the hive entrance is pointing away from it, which will divert their flight path away from the greenhouse. The bees are becoming more active as the temperature is rising which will make construction interesting ! We will take you through the laughter and tears over the next few weeks.

Must be Nuts!

Must be Nuts!