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The doves from above

Yesterday our Collared Dove left her nest so Phil took a quick snap with his phone…


Our first new babies! Here’s hoping the Jackdaws don’t spot them.


Old red-eyes is back

ORG_DSC07085A Collared Dove has made her precarious nest of a few twigs, amongst the honeysuckle on top of our trellis archway. She is sitting on two eggs.



Pot luck!

We were sorting through our tree pots on Sunday in preparation for next Saturday’s NGS open garden event and were about to move the trestle …..

Phil spotted her just in time …

We should have some new blackbird chicks very soon!

Prior to discovery, we had been watering with the hose so she’s had a daily drenching and still she remained. Phil has already named the chicks (answers on a postcard please) but there will be no Rush to return your entries!

The Importance of Being Hair-nest

‘A carrier bag?’ ….. the boys have been stripped to reveal their sleek spring coats and we asked to keep the hair as we thought it would make excellent nesting material.


A whole carrier bag full;  enough here to bring up several broods in comfort!


Mr and Mrs


Mrs Sparrow


Mr Sparrow


Our tit box has got new tenants. Last year the wasps got there first and we had a wasp nest to deal with and no birds. These two have been very busy and we spotted them bringing pieces of grass home. I have a square suet cage-feeder just beneath the box and fill it with dog hair after brushing. The birds emptied it very quickly last year and it makes for a very cosy nest.