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Pot luck!

We were sorting through our tree pots on Sunday in preparation for next Saturday’s NGS open garden event and were about to move the trestle …..

Phil spotted her just in time …

We should have some new blackbird chicks very soon!

Prior to discovery, we had been watering with the hose so she’s had a daily drenching and still she remained. Phil has already named the chicks (answers on a postcard please) but there will be no Rush to return your entries!


A face only a mother could love (if only you could find it)

We’ve been watching a Collared Dove go in and out of the Holly. Last weekend we spotted two eggs in a nest. Yesterday there was one egg and ……


Labour of l’oeuf

George laid her first egg yesteday. It was a 3 hour labour and was heralded by much squawking and clucking ….a perfect little egg !

A fine egg-sample

A fine egg-sample

Other news from the Eglu is that Blizzard our white Silkie (see post is he or isn’t she?) announced it to the village this morning …she’s a he.