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Pot luck!

We were sorting through our tree pots on Sunday in preparation for next Saturday’s NGS open garden event and were about to move the trestle …..

Phil spotted her just in time …

We should have some new blackbird chicks very soon!

Prior to discovery, we had been watering with the hose so she’s had a daily drenching and still she remained. Phil has already named the chicks (answers on a postcard please) but there will be no Rush to return your entries!


Upped sticks and gone…

Disaster! The Collared Dove chicks are no more. Their precariously balanced  nest had tipped off the branch and Phil found the chicks dead on the ground beneath.


The Bantam chicks are also no more. The two other hatchlings were squished under the 3 adults and young Chesney (as in ‘the one and only’) suffered a similar fate. We now have another 8 eggs under the Lavender Pekin and a spare run to transfer them into once the hatch is under way, which should be around 9th July.


The Blackbirds have fared a little better. Although only 3 of the 5 have made it, they were large enough to be ringed by our local bird expert and neighbour Mike Carrier. However, one chick leaped off the nest and disappeared. We feared the worst but Phil located it right over the other side of the garden. We returned it to the nest but having had a taste of freedom, it was straight out again and hopped off into the undergrowth. It has been calling and Mrs Blackbird has been feeding it  on the ground. It won’t be long before the others join it.


Mr and Mrs Sparrow are doing very well in their box and I managed to catch them on camera Saturday morning.


Hatch-it job

Yesterday we noticed that one of the eggs had a small hole in it…


Today our first bantam chick hatched.


It took a number of hours to break out but this little chap soon found his feet…


Now it’s a case of waiting for his brothers or sisters who should hopefully arrive on Monday.



The Collared Doves are still having a bad hair day….


While the Blackbird chicks are singing for their supper.


We are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx. Geddy Alex and Neil.

I went to tell the good news to our neighbour who had given us the eggs three weeks ago and came back with another 8 eggs which are now under the Lavender Pekin.

The Eglu could soon be rather crowded !

Hatch-tag# chicks

Sunday was gloriously hot. Phil and I were enjoying some liquid refreshment outside the summerhouse after a day of gardening when he noticed Mrs Blackbird off the nest and gathering food in the chicken run. He quickly checked and found two of the five eggs had hatched.


The Collared Dove and Silkie Bantam are still sitting …..

Blackbird potty training

Was trying to photograph bees on flowers today and heard a strange sound in the bushes. It was this little fellow in a tree pot, learning how to get off the ground.

Blackbird chick

Turdus Merula, Blackbird chick

The parent bird was nearby and ran along the bottom of the wall away from the chick in an attempt, I think, to draw me away. Did the trick because next time I looked he’d made it out of the pot and to the safe cover of the Hornbeam hedge.