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That’s the Spirit !

This weekend the Village hosted The Spirit of the Eden art exhibition. This is the third show and the standard of work gets better and better year on year.

Phil exhibited his paintings ‘Lanercost Priory’, ‘Us and the Village’, ‘Armathwaite sunrise’ and ‘Why hast thou forsaken me?’ This last painting was inspired by a recent proposal to locate a massive wind turbine in the area. It’s an observation that when one is planted more will grow. The drawing and narrative for his stained glass window recently installed in the Church next door hopefully encouraged visitors to go and have a look.


The work of the mysterious local artist Goldy (the Banksy of Eden) was exhibited alongside and evoked mixed reactions. Some found it hilariously funny, others were disgusted, some just didn’t get it.


Perhaps the latter included dog walkers who don’t pick up …. Maybe they would if they were made of gold!