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Mr & Mrs Baga and Bambara



Not strictly Mr & Mrs but they do make a lovely couple. The large mask is a Banda mask from the Baga tribe of Guinea. It was used by the secret Simo society in fertility rituals. The female figure is from the Bambara tribe of Mali and again is associated with fertility ritual.


Mr and Mrs Longtorainoverus

This is first of our new post series of Mr and Mrs…..

We have recently had the opportunity to purchase a part of the substantial collection of African Tribal art gathered over many years by the ceramic artist Paul Hardcastle

These two figures originated in Mali and were crafted by the Dogon people.

Dogon sculptures from Mali

Dogon sculptures from Mali

The most distinctive subject rendered by Dogon sculptors is that of a single figure standing with raised arms. This posture has usually been interpreted as a gesture of prayer Рan effort to link earth and heavens Рand it has been suggested that it may represent an appeal for rain.  They have been carved from very light weight wood which would enable the figures to be worn on the head during rainmaking rites.

Living in the Eden Valley between the Pennines and the Cumbrian fells, drought isn’t usually an issue although we have our own microclimate, we haven’t had the need to ask for rain to keep the pond topped up.