Chicken Piñata

Our bantams have a great life in their run. They have 2 posh Eglus to lay eggs and sleep in at night, plenty of bark chips to scratch about in and even a bantam topiary, lovingly created by Phil, but is yet to grow a head!

However bantams can jump and when one starts decimating the plant life, the others join in and now our specimen Sycoparrotia semidecidua ‘purple haze’ is suffering defoliation of its lower branches.

In an attempt to distract them we treated them to a cabbage suspended just out of reach.

It kept them  all entertained for a while but not long enough to allow the plants to recover; they have the attention span of a goldfish! Back to the drawing board….


4 thoughts on “Chicken Piñata

  1. portugalholidayguide

    When i read the heading I had images of the bantams being strung up and Phil playing Pinata with them.Happy to see it was not that way around! It is a shame about the plant though, hope you find a solution .


  2. Norman Timperley

    We are trying to become self sufficient with food from our garden but as yet we have been unable to find a supply of Bacon Seeds, any ideas?

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