Monthly Archives: April 2017

The Importance of Being Hair-nest

‘A carrier bag?’ ….. the boys have been stripped to reveal their sleek spring coats and we asked to keep the hair as we thought it would make excellent nesting material.


A whole carrier bag full;  enough here to bring up several broods in comfort!



Nuthatch plan

Two years ago we had high hopes that our hole in the wall nest would be occupied  by a pair of Nuthatch.


They spent a lot of time plastering the hole and preparing the nest only to disappear. This year the new encumbents have invested a lot of time and we’ve watched them plastering and bringing pieces of wood home to line the nest.


There is much warbling and singing first thing in the morning and we see them coming and going during the day before they return for the night around 7pm.


Now this looks promising! Fingers crossed for chicks coming soon.