Monthly Archives: December 2016

Supernova Remnant Nebula ‘Hendrix’

First observed Kensington London 18th September 1970


Neo-Dada Constructivist Assemblage ‘Nativity’ …expialidocious !

This year’s Christmas card is of a Nativity scene constructed from carefully selected redundant tools. It was entered in the Christmas decoration section in the Armathwaite Village show but was unplaced.


Perhaps the judges just  couldn’t see Mary cradling the baby  Jesus with an attentive Joseph looking on adoringly?

Arrow of Christmas trees

Last year we made our own Christmas cards. It took a bit of effort but we were pleased with the result. Phil had bought a collection of stone axes and included in the lot was a small bag of about 20  flint arrowheads, beautifully crafted by ancient ancestors. They are most probably North African in origin and date from 6,000-5,500 BC.