Labour of l’oeuf

George laid her first egg yesteday. It was a 3 hour labour and was heralded by much squawking and clucking ….a perfect little egg !

A fine egg-sample

A fine egg-sample

Other news from the Eglu is that Blizzard our white Silkie (see post is he or isn’t she?) announced it to the village this morning …she’s a he.



4 thoughts on “Labour of l’oeuf

  1. Sarah Metcalfe

    We just got 2 new chickens today- 8 weeks old, silkie cross frizzle. Our neighbour gave them to is as we’ve recently lost 2.
    Since our others have/had royal names (Lizzie, Maggie, Hot Ginge (after Harry) & Princess Fiona), I went with Cleo for mine. Bre didn’t get with the program & named hers Rosie. Photos on Facebook

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