Floral stained glass

The 28 day period for anyone to object to the proposed new stained glass window for the church is up tomorrow ……. So far not a murmur. I have already made a start on the Panel as it had always been my intention to make it anyway and we would have found somewhere to make use of it in our own property …… Fortunately it looks as though that won’t be necessary!


I will post some photos of the design and work in progress soon. In the meantime here are a few photos of stained glass on a floral theme.

Floral stained glass

image        image        image

I made these panels several years ago after making enquiries with a supplier of grave goods in the Midlands. The idea had been that they were to be encapsulated into toughened glass double glazed units and then fitted into purpose cut openings in granite headstones. We were in the process of moving North and the idea was never pursued …… One day perhaps?

image       image

These two panels were to be window ornaments slotted into freestanding oak frames ……. I started putting a bumble bee into most of the floral designs at this time ….. This now ties in quite nicely with the Buzzshelter theme.

Detail of bumble bee in stained glass

Detail of bumble bee in stained glass

Detail of sunflowers

Detail of sunflowers


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