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Is he or isn’t she ?

Blizzard has been getting a bit feisty in the chicken run and is now sporting a fine pair of red wattles. We are hoping she isn’t a he. We sent a photo to Canny Chicken Co in Carlisle and we can exchange if she turns out to be a cockerel …. We have decided to wait and see what develops !

Don't get cocky with me !!

Don’t get cocky with me !!

Blizzard (L) and Flurry

Blizzard (L) and Flurry


Lamb a l’orange with spring greens

Spring has arrived in Armathwaite. The woods are awash with snowdrops, you can hear the woodpeckers drumming,

Snowdrops in the woods

, Snowdrops in the woods

the first lambs of the year have arrived


Does my bum look big in this ?

Does my bum look big in this ?image



and the primulas are like little yellow jewels in the garden.


Seeds of change

What's growing in 2015

What’s growing in 2015

We have had poor results from previous efforts in the raised beds, mostly due to chicken damage. We’ve cracked that issue as the silkies can’t fly. Hopefully these seeds will provide us with good things to eat and some prize-winning specimens for the Armathwaite show later in the year. I’ve soaked the sweet pea seeds overnight and these were the first to be planted on Sunday along with the the leeks. We have gone for slightly unusual varieties such as red sprouts, purple beans and golden beetroot. The beetroot is advertised as a no-waste variety; the leaves and stems can be treated as a spinach substitute, the beets don’t bleed so aren’t messy to prepare in the kitchen and they can be grated on salads or cooked. We have also picked up the ‘mystery seeds’ for the Armathwaite show and after a little Internet research we think we know what they are. We’re keeping you all guessing for now !

Erithacus Rubecula (European Robin)



We went to collect some manure for the raised beds and found this little chap in the greenhouse. He was so tame I was able to stroke him but on closer inspection there was a drop of blood in his nostril. I suspect he had flown in, bashed himself and was concussed.

His ┬ácousin ‘across the pond’ would have provided a far more appropriate title for today’s blog … Turdus Migratorius (American Robin)